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    English -> German

      Niels Stephan

      is a freelance translator with more than 7 years in English-to-German localization for the gaming industry. He is a native German speaker with advanced English speaking and writing skills. He has experience in managing large projects and has successfully managed high work load under tight deadlines. He offers more than just translations, but an adaptation of the original to the needs of the German audience and always strives for your very personal solution for all your gaming translation needs at a reasonable price! Feel free to contact him for more information, references, or examples of his work.
      (February 2008)


    German <-> English

      Bruce Whitehill, Sybille Aminzadah

      Bruce Whitehill, American games author, journalist and writer, now living in Hamburg, and his German partner, Sybille Aminzadah, offer translation services for game instructions and other game-related texts, from German into English as well as from English into German. The former can be written in the style and spelling of either British or American English.

      They offer an edited translation, written in such a way that the rules of the game are explained not only in a clear and concise manner, but as though they had been originally written in that language and not translated. The attention given to style AND content insures that the edited translations read smoothly and have no ambiguities in the rules. An example of instructions recently translated for European companies can we provided.
      [December 2005]


    German -> English

      Patrick Korner

      is an avid gamer from Canada and fluent in both German and English. He is available to translate German rules and game text into English at very reasonable rates so that as many people as possible can play these excellent designs.

      Previous work includes Tongiaki, Hansa, Versunkene Stadt, Saga, Spy, Oh Pharao!, Manga Manga, Alhambra 1. Erweiterung (all for Uberplay) and Lost Valley (Kronberger Spiele). Contact:

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