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    Please don't...!

  • Submit unsolicited game suggestions
    Very few publishing houses want complete games. These can be a burden on especially small publishers (in time, storage space and postage).
  • Submit incomprehensible or hand-written rules
    ne can never review one's rules enough!
  • Hype your game as the future "Spiel des Jahres"
    (game of the year) even though it is a reedited version of LudoActually, game ideas are often presented as the future "Game of the Year." That is not all bad, but an honest self-evaluation will impress the publisher even more.
  • Send several-megabyte files
    In January 2001, someone sent a 7.5 MB game submission to several publishers at the same time... Unsolicited submissions should - in my opinion - not exceed 200-400 KB in size.
  • Send files that may contain a virus
    (also true for press releases of some publishers in *.DOC format)
    An e-mail with a short description, possibly including a 100 KB picture in GIF or JPG format, is fine. Additionally, you could send a link to a web site.
  • Constantly ask about your submission
    Upon submission you should receive a short statement /mail that it was received. After that, you should give the publisher a couple months to review your submission. But you should also not be too patient and let it go for a year or longer.
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